Formula Feeders - Support and Friendship for FF Parents

Don't let anyone make you feel guilty!

Formula Feeders - Support & Friendship for FF Moms
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This community is for parents who have chosen to formula feed their babies. NO JUDGMENT here.
This community is for parents who have chosen to formula feed their babies. Members are not required to explain their decision to formula feed or whether or not they initially breastfed their babies. No one should feel they need to justify the decision to anyone. If you choose to discuss why you chose to formula feed, that is up to you.

Community discussion is not limited solely to formula-related conversation, but let's please try to stick to talking about our babies or news items about babies. Off-topic discussion of pop culture, etc may be removed.

I hate to have to say this, but all posts and comments need to remain respectful of others, especially other communities members. I will not tolerate flaming or judgmental crap, and I will boot anyone who tries it. Posting access is restricted to community members approved by me. If you are a community member and you do not have posting access, please leave me a comment on one of my personal journal entries twilightsun with a polite request to grant posting access. I will try to grant requests at least once per day, but you know how it can be when you have a baby, so please be patient.

When making an introductory post, please use "introduction" as a tag, as well as a tag using your child's name. Tagging all of your community entries with your child's name will make it easier to look up background information if you make posts seeking advice in the future.

If you're having a hard time figuring out how to post an entry, please click here

It is NOT acceptable to join this community and repost the entries elsewhere. Anyone found doing so will be booted. Stop disrespecting people.