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Mon, Nov. 9th, 2009, 03:36 pm
sassysweetheart: (no subject)

I have three $5.00 off Enfamil coupons if anyone is interested. If you are interested, I can mail them to to you. Our daughter seems to prefer Similac, so we can't use them, unfortunately :(

Fri, Oct. 30th, 2009, 08:56 am
neaira: Free formula

I have 1 25.75oz can of Parent's Choice Milk Based infant formula with iron. It's the store brand version of Enfamil Lipil and Similac Advance. It expires June 6, 2012! The can was purchased for us after we had already switched our son to whole milk. I don't forsee having another baby anytime soon, so if anyone would like this, let me know. All I ask is you pay shipping, which would be pretty cheap.

I also have one "full day supply" sample of the new Parent's Choice Immune Support formula with prebiotics. This bag expires July 11, 2011.

Let me know here or email me at neaira.awakened at gmail dot com.

Wed, Aug. 19th, 2009, 11:27 am
heatherandbrian: Wow!

 Today I was walking through Walmart and went down the clearance isle and guess what I found! 15 cans of Soy Enfamil Next Step formula for 5-9 dollars a can! (Depending on the sell by date!). There were all sorts of other Enfamil formulas down that isle marked down 50-75%! Just make sure to check the date (located on the bottom of the can) before buying. They usually have to clearance out cans that will go out of date within the next 6 months. I got 2 cans that don't expire until January 2010 for 5 dollars each! I usually spend 20+ a can (depending on which store I go to..Walmart sells it for 25.97!). 

Hope everyone is as lucky as me in finding discounted formula!

Fri, Jan. 30th, 2009, 09:38 am
jessicaknispel: (no subject)

If this isn't allowed, please delete it :)

Just cleaning out our closets and found a bunch of baby clothes... outfits range in size from newborn to 24 months. I also have 9 unopened cans of similac advanced formula

and if you live in wiregrass area of alabama (dothan/enterprise) I have a bunch of toys, a swing, changing table, and a play mat that needs to go by the end of this month, since we're moving.


Sat, Jan. 3rd, 2009, 02:02 pm
jessicaknispel: (no subject)

I am selling a 40+ piece lot of infant girls clothes ranging from newborn to 9 months.. Items include: Jackets, bunting bag, sleeper sack, complete outfits (w/ matching pants), hairbows, shoes, and dresses.


Check out the items there.

If this isn't allowed please feel delete this.

I also have 8 unopened cans of similac advanced formula if anyone is interested in buying them at a discounted price.

Tue, Nov. 25th, 2008, 10:59 pm
joylessroots: I Screwed Up Bigtime

I'm afraid to post in parenting101 because it's a mix of breastfeeders and formula feeders, and I'm afraid to get dragged up against the wall and shot... so...

I'll just ask here.

We feed our daughter Enfamil, and we decided this Sunday to try the comfort version, with the broken down proteins. Since then, she has developed a horrendous diaper rash, and that doesn't even begin to describe it. We looked at her in better lighting... not only is her skin RED, but her skin was RAW in certain areas. My MIL suspects it's the formula.

We've never had any problems with her diapers, never with her wipes (always the same ones)... we've exhausted all possibilities except the formula.

Has anyone else had this problem? Not necessarily even with this particular formula, but any, or after a switch? My MIL suspects it has something to do with being extra acidic (not necessarily the formula itself, since it's supposed to comfort the stomach, but once it's digested and therefore altered).

I don't know. I feel like utter and complete crap that I let this happen to my daughter. She's MISERABLE, and fusses a lot, she cries worse than I've ever heard when her diaper gets changed, and we can't even use the wipes now they sting so much. We have to use warm water and washclothes and this beeswax cream until the redness goes away.

It's awful. :(

Thu, Nov. 13th, 2008, 08:37 am
joylessroots: Growth Spurt

Hey, I know I just posted recently...

Just wanted to share what my pediatrician said and ask a question too...

But a lot of you were expressing concern about my daughter having 4 oz. or formula or my expressed milk at only 2 weeks old... when we went to the pediatrician he said that's okay, and she weighed in at 9 lbs., 8 oz. so she might just need a little extra food because she's growing so fast. He said something too about they eat about an ounce more per... either week or every other week, I can't remember, but every other week would make more sense... because he said also she shouldn't be having more than 8 oz. per feeding before 2 months of age.

Wah. So many numbers, but I just thought I'd share that in case it might be helpful.

I also wanted to ask about that 2/3 week growth spurt. We figured out that she's hit one at 2.5 weeks (she's 3 weeks today), and I know if you're exclusively breastfeeding the answer is to just keep nursing, or clusterfeeding, but it's a completely different ballgame now that we have bottles in the mix. Truth be told, I haven't had the need to pump since 11 AM yesterday, so I have a high suspicion that my supply is not only lowered, but maybe even depleted, but at any rate she's only been drinking formula for the past 24 hours.

Ah. Okay, I'm getting to it. With formula/bottle feeding, how do you tackle growth spurts? It seems like out of her 4 oz. feedings, she'll have 3.5 as of late, then wake up rather quickly, I'm not sure how quickly, wanting to finish the bottle, and not much longer she'll be crying for more, so she'll finish some or all of another 2 oz. that we'll offer her. She was feeding a lot last night, but in smaller amounts for the most part. The she also ended up sleeping 5 hours straight for the first time after all of that.

I just want to make sure I'm on the right track with all of this- demand feeding and whatnot.

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Thu, Nov. 6th, 2008, 09:43 pm
joylessroots: Intro

Hey all. I don't really have any questions right now, because I'm wayyyy too mixed up right now and don't know where to even begin with what to ask, so I'll just introduce myself and my situation.

I'm Emily, and I just gave birth to my daughter Anya on October 23rd (this year). Tomorrow she'll be 2 weeks old.

I've been having issues breastfeeding her exclusively because I tore pretty badly during delivery and it's made it uncomfortable to feed her sitting up, and the sidelying position is extremely difficult to breastfeed from (and still moderately uncomfortable because of my stitches)... not to mention as time wears on per feeding and throughout the day, her latch gets pretty lazy and I have to fix it so much it's not even worth it after 1-2 (I kid you not) of trying to finish just one feeding. In order to just feed her efficiently so that I still have some time to myself (that's important even if she's a newborn, I think we can all agree) and to avoid frustrating not just myself, but her, I try to pump when I can, but that's also hard to keep up with every 2-3 hours at night, so often we turn to formula.

I really would love to exclusively breastfeed her, but given my circumstances it's just not turning out to be the best option for me or her. It's how I feel. As much as I support breastfeeding I have nothing against formula either, and it's helped me feed her when there's no other option readily and quickly available for her when she's hungry.

Naturally, I've taken a lot of crap for this, most particularly from my mom, and also considerably from my mother-in-law.

Anyway. I'm just trying to balance out all three things... breastfeeding, pumping and formula. Since I planned on breastfeeding though I never bothered to look up how many ounces babies should be drinking and how frequently at what age as they grow.

I'm totally clueless. Sorry this is so long. Anyway, that's my situation. Any and all support, tips, etc. would be appreciated, because this whole world of motherhood and feeding is completely foreign to me. I just want my baby to grow and gain the weight she needs to gain and to develop at the rate she should develop and be happy and healthy.

EDIT: If it matters much, when I do pump she gets about 3-4 (usually 4) oz. per feeding every 2-3 hours of my milk, and when we do formula we just give her a standard 4 oz. packet of Enfamil formula. And we use Evenflo 4 oz. glass bottles.

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Wed, Oct. 8th, 2008, 01:33 pm
foxbaby: follow on vs toddler formula

When in your opinion is the time to switch from a follow on formula to a toddler supplement?

My son gets 3 to 4 solid feeds a day, but isn't a big juice or water fan so he still gets bottles throughout the day. He is 16 months (13 months or so corrected age)

toddler supplement or follow on?

toddler supplement
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